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We design & develop websites and build them for growth. Whether you own a B2B, B2C, non-profit org, or SBM, our team of innovators & digital marketers promise to organically boost your digital presence, thereby increasing sales & revenue. Contact us if you’re ready to grow your business with a data-driven digital marketing agency.

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An Online Presence Analysis audit comprehensively assesses your current visibility in the digital world. We’ll analyse the website design, functionality, content, traffic quality, etc., to pinpoint your strengths & weaknesses and even suggest a strategic roadmap to reach out to your potential visitors inquiring about your products & services. Get a proposal to learn where you stand in comparison with your competitors.
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of improving your website, making it easier for users to buy your product or sign up for services. Contact us to learn how to convert casual visitors to paying customers and clients. We’ll analyse your data and suggest data-backed strategies to improve conversion potential. Contact us for a free proposal and consultation.
Learn how to get real-time customer feedback and maintain a reputation consistent with your organizational values. We’ll identify harmful brand content using sentiment analysis, respond to customer feedback, protect your online reputation, & build positive visibility. Contact us to improve overall customer ratings and boost positive reviews online.

Wizi Digital is a Google Partner with the status now updated for 2022. This essentially means your AdWords budget is now in the safe hands of Google-certified analysts.

Cost Savings

Proficiency in all of AdWords’ features translates to better ad bidding, choosing effective keywords, setting the right daily budget, & so on. You will be guaranteed the highest results with the lowest spending.

Leg Up on Competition

We now have exclusive access to Google’s latest beta features, tests, and ad options before they’re available to everyone. You get access to features that aren’t available to your competitors by working with a Google Partner agency.

Direct Access to Google

Any time there’s a drop in performance or a concern regarding your campaign, we can directly contact the Google agency team to fix the issue quickly. This benefit also includes quarterly calls about updates, areas where we’re doing good, areas that need improvement, etc.


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Our digital marketing experts have put together hundreds of marketing campaigns for clients across the world, helping them increase leads, improve website traffic, and grow their business. Request a free website analysis and a game plan to jumpstart your business.


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Our professional SEO services help websites improve organic search and rank well for keywords, including highly competitive keywords.

Help more people find your business and capture your local market. Contact us for a customized local SEO plan & accelerate your ROI.

We use AWS VPS hosting services to keep your website up to date & functional 24x7. AWS is powerful, secure, and offers better access control to end users.

Get on top of search results for relevant keywords, including competitive keywords. Increase search engine ranking and traffic, and boost conversion with tailored SEO campaigns.

Reach out to a targeted qualified audience and drive revenue with PPC management services from Wizi Digital.

Create clean, functional, intuitive, and secure websites with website development services from Wizi Digital.

Build brand credibility and authority with your audience with crisp and clear content. We’ll also help you plan a content strategy aligned with your business goals.

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