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Facebook is the quintessential social media platform whose presence might never leave us- which is what makes it one of the best advertising platforms. Facebook Ads are as effective as any other ads, if not more, owing to its long history of being people’s favourite. Facebook still enjoys the same recognition and will continue to do so for years to come. 

Why Facebook Marketing?

Having more than 2 billion users of varying ages and backgrounds from all around the world, Facebook is still a widely used social media platform and if used correctly there is a lot of potential to garner possible leads.

From Boomers to millennials to Gen Zs, it’s a privilege to have all the age groups on the same platform where you can target them all at the same time.

What are the 5 Core Benefits of Facebook Ads?

Being a versatile platform that is used for entertainment, business, connections and more; Facebook has it all. Here are the top 5 benefits of Facebook Ads:

Get 2 Platforms at the Price of 1 

When you run an Ad on Facebook, you can make the optimum utilization of your budget and efforts by making it run on Instagram too. Being a part of Facebook, Instagram runs Facebook Ads giving you the two-in-one experience at no additional cost. Plus, you get to reach users who are not active on Facebook via Instagram and vice versa.

Guaranteed Views

Unsure whether your Ad is being seen by the viewers? Well, running an Ad on Facebook guarantees that once the Ad is run after setting it for the target audience, the Ad will definitely be placed in front of them the moment they open Facebook. It gives you a greater assurance of your Ad at least being seen as compared to other platforms.

The most Economical form of Advertising

Facebook Ads has got to be one of the most non-expensive forms of Advertising. You can spend as less as $10 and still reach a wider audience. It is so much better than going for traditional advertising where you’ll have to spend more than a grand to get your Ad put in a place where it is recognized. 

Works in Real-time

Made a goof-up in your Ad? You can just change it while the Ad is still running! Yes, you got that right! Facebook allows you to make adjustments in your Ad even after you already got it running. This is an advantage that you’ll never find in other forms of advertising. Yet another reason as to what makes Facebook the best form of advertising.

Builds Engagement

After all the whole purpose of running an Ad is to build engagements and garner leads. Facebook has so many interactive ways through which your target audience can connect with you that it ultimately boosts your engagement in the forms of likes, comments and their reactions on your Ad. Engagement is the ladder to leads so once you got them engaged, the leads aren’t far away.

How to choose the best Facebook Marketing Agency in Chennai?

If you ever wonder why Facebook is still loved by many when there are better platforms out there, it’s because of the content. Facebook never seems to run out of entertaining content that’s suitable for all the age groups.

Delivering content on time that keeps people hooked without compromising on the quality and one that’s appropriate for all your target customers is what makes us- Wizi Digital, the best Facebook Marketing Agency in Chennai. So, if you’re out there looking to put your brand online, you know where to reach us!

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