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choose best digital marketing agency

Digital marketing is about helping businesses connect with their potential clients using various digital channels, including emails, social media, search engines, and web-based advertising. A successful campaign involves understanding where your target market is based and creating content suitable for that place. For instance, if you’re target customers are young and upwardly mobile, Instagram and Snapchat. But if you’re selling to business executives, LinkedIn marketing should be your focus. And if you’re targeting the middle-aged, you might want to be seen on Facebook more than other platforms.

How does one decide where to focus, and most importantly, how does one stay on top of these emerging trends on different platforms? A bespoke digital marketing agency like Wizi Digital can manage your marketing efforts, tailoring them to suit your business and potential clients. Hiring an experienced digital marketing company ensures your marketing is handled while you focus on the important areas of your business that you enjoy and do best. 

Here are a few things to help you evaluate different marketing agencies before choosing a company that’s right for you. 

What Typical Marketing Agencies Offer?

A typical digital marketing company helps businesses increase sales by leveraging different platforms to attract potential customers. While the services seem similar, they vary significantly in content quantity and quality. Some of the key strategies include: 

  • Google Ads: A Google Ads campaign is best to target potential customers directly and for a short time. 
  • SEO: Search engine marketing can be a part of a long-time digital marketing campaign, where you encourage people to visit your website by ranking it well on Google and other search engines.
  • Facebook: You can leverage Facebook’s massive user base through advertising or sharing interesting updates about the business. 
  • YouTube: Creating visual content helps increase user engagement and improves visibility on Google.
  • Mobile Marketing: Did you know that over 78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases? In fact, a lot of search terms indicate a higher intent of purchase. 
  • Content Marketing: This involves creating customized content suited for the digital marketing platform, including blogs, LinkedIn posts, Facebook updates, Instagram reels, and infographics.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is one of the most ROI-generating strategies for businesses, helping generate over $38 for every $1 spent.

Some other services offered by a full-service digital marketing agency include web designing, development, hosting, and website maintenance.  Before picking the right digital marketing agency for your business, here are a few questions to help you make an informed choice.  

1. Does The Agency Cater To Your Company’s Requirements?

Even before looking for a digital marketing company, you must figure out your own company’s marketing requirements. Are you looking for website design? Do you need someone to help you analyse your search traffic and help you understand where you’re going wrong? Are you looking for social media promotion? These are the questions that will help you find an agency best suited to you.  

2. What’s Their Standing In The Industry? 

An agency’s previous work is a good indicator of what they’ll do for your business. Read reviews from the agency’s past clients, review documented facts like case studies, and check their Google reviews. You must also understand the client’s reputation and check their previous work portfolio. Send an inquiry about their service – their response should throw a light on their customer service. Do they respond promptly and adequately? Are they punctual? Do they show data to support their claims?  

Also, the test of a digital agency lies in the results it has created for itself. For instance, check the agency’s blog page if you are looking for a team to write your blog posts. Similarly, if you need SEO, check how well the digital marketing agency ranks for their keywords.

Check Their KPIs

KPIs help track a campaign’s performance but are effective only when the chosen metrics directly translate to ROI. Don’t fall for vanity metrics like likes, followers, or comments, as they rarely translate to sales. The last thing you want is to be charged premium rates for a campaign that does nothing toward improving sales. A genuine digital marketing agency always offers actionable metrics like: 

Number of Unique Visitors

More traffic doesn’t always mean more sales or conversions, but it definitely helps. Generating massive traffic to your site is especially important when you aren’t exactly sure about your target audience – you can measure user interaction within the site to identify your market. 

Time on Site

This metric helps understand how useful your users find the entire site, not just a single page. It helps answer questions like how long people spend before buying a product. Visitors will naturally spend more time if the content is relevant to what they’re looking for. Google uses this metric to rank websites, as it shows how valuable a website is to a user who entered a keyword. 

Web Traffic Source

You can determine which traffic sources are driving visitors to your website and then compare each of these sources, viz., direct, referral, and search. Your web traffic could sometimes be sourced from campaigns like banner ads and paid searches. If most of your traffic is coming from a blog, it makes sense to create more content like that, or if traffic is coming from referrals, it’s time you focus on strengthening your referral campaigns.  

Bounce Rate

This refers to the number of visitors who leave your site immediately upon landing on it. A high bounce rate could indicate that you aren’t focusing on the right keywords or that your content isn’t relevant or valuable.

Cost Per Click

Simply put, cost per click means that you pay for each click on your ads. You can set a maximum CPC bid, i.e., the highest you will pay for someone to click on your ad.

Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate is the number of times someone has clicked on your ad, as against the number of impressions it has received. Click-through rate helps you understand if you have written a well-targeted ad copy.

Social Interactions

Social media campaigns have different KPIs altogether as they help understand how your campaigns have helped generate conversions. You can also use tools like KISSmetrics to measure the entire campaign journey and check how many people are actually buying and not just liking or commenting.

Who Are Included In A Team Offering Digital Marketing Services?

A professionally managed digital marketing and web development company in Chennai includes the following team to carry your campaign from start to finish:

Server/Hosting Team

With a dedicated server hosting team, you have complete control over the server so that it serves your unique needs, including addressing security concerns.

Web Development Team

Even with an in-house developer, you’ll need a professional web development team to handle bug fixing and other problems when the website goes live and to ensure seamless maintenance.

Business Analysis Team

You will need a business analyst to analyse your competition and look for ways to gain an edge over it. The team will also determine areas that need improvement while identifying your strengths.

Content Management

You need a professional content writer to put your business propositions into words and ensure the message is delivered clearly and succinctly.

SEO Team

You need dedicated SEO professionals who will track your keyword rankings, measure their growth, and keep track of the campaign’s progress.

Google and YouTube Ads Team

You need dedicated, certified professionals to understand and manage Google and YouTube ad campaigns.

Facebook and Instagram Ads Campaign

You need a professional to help you build a public brand page and grow a global audience for your services.

Graphic Design Team

An aesthetic graphic design helps create a great first impression and generate valid judgments about your product, service, or brand.

Social Media Team

A social media team helps grow your brand reputation with strategic content and engaging meaningfully with the target audience on different social media platforms. 

As we are the best digital marketing company in Chennai, we have a comprehensive team that includes all the above professionals with over four decades of combined experience.

How To Choose An Agency That Walks The Talk?

The problem with low entry barrier industries is that there will be a ton of people who claim to have mastered the craft, dishing gyan supported by fabricated data. But these so-called experts actually know nothing. Digital marketing is one such industry where agencies charm potential clients with their secret formula but lack the skills to deliver results.

Look for agencies that don’t focus on bottom-of-the-funnel results because there are far too many factors specific to each company, resulting in a different ROI. For instance, results could take time if you’re in a competitive market.  If the agency has a ‘secret sauce’ and is vague about it, I suggest you stay a mile away from them.

A credible digital marketing agency has a strategy that involves researching your current website, looking for factors keeping you back, listing keywords, and creating a publishing schedule that helps rank these keywords.

Stay away from low-priced agencies that don’t stick to their commitment. But higher-priced agencies that use fancy words to justify their charges are equally a red flag.

When To Hire A Digital Marketing Agency And When To Work With An In-House Professional

If you are a mid-sized company with a sizeable budget for digital marketing, you’re probably looking to hire a marketing professional to handle SEO and other marketing campaigns rather than hiring a dedicated agency. While this is true, a full-fledged digital campaign involves understanding the business and the psyche of its potential consumers to judge their reaction to a particular product or service.

It must also include a structured system where everything is documented and a workflow created to complete every task on time. The agency must also have professional marketing tools like KISSmetrics, MailChimp, and Drip to help them accomplish their goals efficiently.

Another important skill when it comes to marketing is patience because organic results take time. It could be several months before you see results from investing in digital marketing.

You need an experienced team that can consistently meet all the above parameters and consistently create quality content. Working with a professional team helps you avoid the hassle of putting up a team yourself and get them to speed up to the current situation so you can avoid getting sidetracked from other important things you have to do.

However, the advantage of working with an in-house professional is that you control the entire campaign, overseeing every detail. Working with an agency is far more cost-effective as you don’t have to spend time and money training the in-house team. 

Why Work With Wizi Digital?

As we are the best digital marketing agency in Chennai, we have helped hundreds of businesses generate millions in revenue, giving you peace of mind by handling everything for you so that you can focus on growing your business. At the same time, we do all the work in the background.

Some of the things we discussed during the initial consultation include:

24×7 Availability

Our business developers are available 24/7 through WhatsApp, email, and phone. We are happy to answer all your questions and clear your doubts about the campaign.

Expected Results In A 30-Day/60-Day Period?

Typically, SEO projects are long-term and could take up to 6 months for actual results to show. But you can see some results in a month or two. We will share monthly results to show how far into the campaign we are and how we have progressed from where we started.

What Unique Value We Provide To Your Campaign?

We make sure you are clear about what we bring to the table. This includes tailoring the campaign to meet your business needs rather than applying a generic one-size-fits-all formula.

The Average Cost Of Similar Services

Most digital marketing companies have more than one price package because their marketing strategies are designed to serve a wide range of clients – from small businesses to large pan-India businesses.

Our KPIs

We use actionable metrics that generate leads and sales for clients. We support our claims using concrete data.

Our Content Creating Process:

Our content team will discuss how we handle your content, including spending time on research, platforms used for disseminating content, etc.

Call +91 8939 6909 23 to schedule a free consultation to learn how we can help you grow your business with our strategic marketing.

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