SEO Isn’t For Everyone | Here’s Why?

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As promised earlier, this post is dedicated to why I think SEO isn’t suited for everyone. Thanks to the slew of recent updates, it’s clear that Google is keen on stamping out spam content to improve search results and return relevant information to the user’s query.

For quite some time, SEO experts have been focusing on keyword-centric content. SEO experts have been churning long and short blogs inserted with keywords, praying that it could help their website rank well. With ChatGPT, people thought content creation would be child’s play and began churning out content left, right, and centre. But Google soon upped the game with their recent updates on bad and unhelpful content. And this isn’t a blow to ChatGPT content their brief is clear, any irrelevant content has to go, whether ChatGPT is created or not.

Given that ChatGPT only generated content from already published content, there was hardly any chance it could rank well on search engines.

Understanding The Recent Google Algorithm Updates

SEO google algorithm updates

Plenty of memes have been circulating in the SEO community about these updates. I get it; change is not easy. But it’s also an opportunity to grow. With the world evolving rapidly, we have no option but to learn, unlearn, and then re-learn to adapt to the changing times. Remember the time when there was a huge demand for content writers? The market has evolved, putting UI/UX designers, skilled web developers, and content creators at the forefront. New-age content creation is a collaborative effort between these stakeholders to create appealing and user-centric content. And, as one of the best SEO agencies in Chennai, we have a great team to help you create user-focused content.

If you are a business owner looking for a digital foothold, you must invest a lot of time and effort. The days of quick-fix solutions and patchwork SEO are over. If you don’t have the time, patience, or budget for a sustained and long-term SEO plan, it’s best to hold off on SEO for now. It’s no longer about quantity but quality content. You can, however, focus on Google Adwords, where the results are instant.

I hope this clears the air about SEO investment. Stay tuned for more such SEO nuggets from one of the best digital marketing agencies in Chennai. Keep yourself enlightened about the current pass-off in the digital marketing realm! Move to follow our Instagram account for wide vision and future movement in the world of digital marketing. What do you think is the future of SEO in an AI-dominated world? Please share your comments below.

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