Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital Digital Marketing Success Story

This case study explains how we managed 1st-page ranking for over 300+ keywords and improved traffic by over 12+ times in 24 months. (1600 to 21000 visitors per month)

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About The Client

Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial Hospital is an NHB, NABH and AOMSI accredited hospital founded in 2010 by Dr. Sunil Richardson. He is a leading oral and maxillofacial surgeon in India, having performed over 18,000 facial surgeries across the world. His experience and expertise, coupled with the hospital’s cutting-edge diagnostic tools & technology, have helped the hospital establish itself as a leading healthcare institution for oral and maxillofacial care in Asia.

The Problem

The hospital had a website and a decent social media presence. However, the client was unable to leverage their digital resources for business. Besides, there were plenty of issues with the website. Incidentally, we had to explain this to the client in our first meeting. To convince Dr. Richardson about the need to revamp their digital real estate, we provided a complete audit report after analyzing the hospital website’s front end, back end, and SEO.

While the Richardsons Dental & Craniofacial Hospital experienced decent traffic until 2013, things went downhill soon. As of November 2020, visitor footfall dropped from 4000 to 1300, while email inquiries dropped from 300 to 0.

Our task was to evaluate the reasons for this downturn and suggest a viable remedy.

Keyword Ranking in Google

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Problems we found

An in-depth analysis pointed toward a host of issues that plagued the website. Dr. Richardson’s previous digital marketing partner followed Black Hat SEO techniques to prop keywords and increase rankings. While this worked from 2009 to 2013, a Google algorithm update around 2013 severely affected traffic and rankings. To the uninitiated, Google periodically updates its algorithm to provide users with relevant and accurate search results.

Black Hat techniques are frowned upon, with Google issuing penalties against sites using black hat techniques – your website’s ranking will be downgraded or delisted by the search engine.

We also noted that the website was converted from HTML to WordPress in 2015. This was a huge transition that was executed without proper guidelines and protocols. Web developers did not follow standard transition protocols like 301 redirects while changing URLs during this process.

Among other things, we found that the pages were stuffed with keywords – with over 3000 keywords stuffed on the home page alone. This is a Black Hat SEO technique that leads to lower website rankings.

The content was thin, i.e., it added little or no value to the user. Besides, the website also had zero relevant backlinks, website structure issues, thin content, not-so-relevant backlinks, and website structure issues, to name a few. Together, these issues affected website performance and desperately needed a revamp.

What we did

We suggested a complete website overhaul, including changing their web host server, optimizing blogs, etc. Here’s a complete list of our suggestions:

  • Content marketing
  • Keyword optimization on each page.
  • Modifying existing blogs as per suggestions based on Yoast, an SEO plugin that improves website rankings by optimizing your site’s content and old blog’s content based on Yoast’s suggestion.
  • Removing around 70+ low-quality blogs.
  • Adding new blogs with in-depth content – over 1500 words.
  • Website maintenance, including plugin updates, replying to comments, and PHP upgrades.
  • Quality link building.
  • Social media maintenance on all important platforms.

In January 2020, we migrated the website following Google’s latest algorithm and website migration guidelines. We then shifted their server from shared hosting to a VPS server so that they get a dedicated server. It was also helpful for faster loading and better performance.

We also gave their website a new and fresh look, choosing a theme that resonates with their brand. The client accepted all our suggestions. We managed to launch the revamped website will the suggested changes in just one month.

Keyword Ranking

We focused on improving keyword ranking for prominent search terms like jaw surgery in India. We managed to bring this search term from 6th position to 1st position as on 4th December 2020. This helped the website get organic traffic and generate motivated leads. Please see some other statistics below.

Results & Statistics

After we revamped the website and fixed the problems mentioned above, we saw a massive upsurge in the traffic and inquiries from the website. With just these fundamental changes, we helped the client generate a lot of leads.

As of August 2022, the website has 20,000+ visitors and 300+ inquiries via the contact form. Also, we noticed an addition of approximately 1500 new visitors to the website each month.

Here are some numbers for a better understanding of the results that we achieved:

  • 2,500+ live backlinks from 150+ referring domains
  • 300+ ranking keywords
  • 18,000 new visitors to the site to date per month
  • 12 times more visitors to the website in the last 24 months

How did we Achieve these Results?

At Wizi Digital, we are committed to catering to completing our client’s digital requirements. We consult and assist our clients in leveraging the power of the internet to grow their businesses. To help them boost their digital presence and eventually generate leads, we follow the latest SEO techniques and top digital marketing strategies.

To maintain a streamlined and efficient workflow, we follow a three-pronged strategy that includes managing content, SEO ranking, and website design & development.

Do you want to know more about How we Achieve these results? Please click the button below

Valuable Tips for SEO Ranking

  • SEO & Keyword Research: We use a combination of Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, SEO SpyGlass, and Ubersuggest to identify relevant search opportunities that stand out in terms of search volume.
  • Content Creation: After SEO strategies and keywords are finalised, our content team incorporates them through website content, blogs, FAQs, etc. We make sure that the content is not only proper as per the SEO standards but also that it adds value to the end-user. We keep our tone accessible and engaging, avoiding jargon and replacing it with personable, simple, and straightforward words.
  • Design and development: After the content and SEO are in place, our designers and developers understand client requirements and design and develop the websites and creatives accordingly. Our web team creates a fully responsive, out-of-the-world front page with custom illustrations and a seamless user journey.

Contact us if you’d like to harness the power of data-driven results to create a unique website design that attracts and converts users.

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