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Six months after our content marketing campaign for “finished” it is delivering 9 times more site traffic per month.

Achieved a Click Through Rate of 0.09% generating a number of new sales
In the first month of activity the Cost Per Action was reduced by 20%
Return on Investment of 272%
Social shares by network


To stop the decreasing number of visitors every month.

Service Provided:

  1. Website Revamp
  2. Bad Backlinks Removal
  3. Technical SEO
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. PPC
  7. Website Maintenance

Problem We Found:

After the meeting with the client and during the website audit, we found the following issues on the website that they were doing SEO in a wrong way (Black Hat SEO) from 2009 and they are getting good results from it till 2012 or 2013. They yield around 4000 visitors and 50 email enquiries each month. But they were getting 1300 visitors and nearly 0 enquiries in November 2020.

What we did

We recommend to the client that first, we need to fix all technical SEO, keyword stuffing on each page (found 3000 keywords in the homepage), thin content, bad backlinks and the website structure issues on the website first to stop decreasing the website’s traffic month by month. We have fixed all these issues on the existing WordPress website within one month and the traffic decreasing problem was solved.

Also, we found that they revamp their website in 2015 by changing the HTML website to WordPress website but the website development team did not follow any rules like the 301 redirect for changing URLs.

In January 2020 I suggested to the doctor to change the website to a new fresh design with a new VPS server (The website was running in a shared hosting on that time) to increase the performance to 20% to 305. He accepted my proposal and we had started the website revamp work on the January first week. We have followed Google’s guidelines and website migration guidelines to create the website. Finally, we have launched the website on February 2nd, 2020.

After completing this website revamp process, we have focused on the thing below:

  1. Content Marketing.
  2. Keyword Optimization on each page.
  3. Modified all old blog’s content based on Yoast’s suggestion.
  4. Removing all low-quality blogs (They had 70+ low-quality blogs).
  5. Adding a new blog with long contents (1500 words).
  6. Website Maintenance (Plugin Updates, Reply to the comments, WordPress, and PHP upgrades).
  7. Quality Link Building.
  8. Social Media Maintenance on all important platforms.


Now we are getting 5700+ visitors from October 2020 and getting 100+ enquiries from the website’s contact form each month. The website’s visitors are now increasing day by day and we are getting 500 new visitors for every month and our Marketing and Maintenance on this website is still going on.

Useful Tips for you

  • Keyword research: We used a combination of Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, SEO SpyGlass and Ubbersuggest to identify the most relevant search opportunities that stood out in terms of search volume.
  • Content creation: Our content team wrote the copy of all the pages, blogs and FAQs – we kept our tone of voice accessible and engaging, steering away from any intimidating jargon and replacing it with personable, simple and straightforward speak.
  • Design and development: Our web team created a fully responsive, out-of-this-world front page with custom illustrations and a frictionless user journey.

Results & Stats

  • 1,275+ - live backlinks from 125+ referring domains
  • 172 - ranking keywords
  • +4,000 - new visitors to the site to date
  • 9x - more visits (30 to 35 users were visiting this website earlier but for now 275 to 285 users are visiting this website)

Keyword Ranking

First, we focused "Jaw Surgery on India" this keyword to improve it’s ranking from 6th page of google and it is on the 1st page as on December 04th 2020. Please see other successful screenshots in this page's left side.


0.09% CTR

20% less CPA

272% ROI

From The Client

“These guys have built such a strong relationship with our organization that we consider them an extension of our IT department. We always know that excellent service is just a phone call or e-mail away and that we will receive the same level of attention they always provide that makes us feel like we're their top priority.”

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