Google Is Shutting Down Websites Built on Google Business Profiles | What You Can Do About It

Sutting Down websites build on Google Business Profile

From March 2024, Google will shut down websites built using the Business Profile tool. Visitors to the site will be redirected to its Google Business Profile until June 2024. After June, they will get a ‘page not found’ error when visiting the website.

Businesses with or domain names must create a new website using tools like Wix, WordPress, GoDaddy, etc., and update their business profile with the new website address. Contact us if you already have a new website address and don’t know how to update your Google Business profile.

Don’t know if your website was made using a Google Business Profile? Call us.

Don’t have a Google Business Profile? Contact us to create one for your business.

Learn more about the update here.

The Solution

If your Google Business Profile links to a (or, we suggest you set up a WordPress or Squarespace website. For less than INR 20,000 ($250), we can help you set up a brand-new website with all the latest frills and ruffles.

As one of the best web development company in Chennai, we have different website development plans to suit the size and scale of your business. Our introductory pack is perfect for small and medium-scale enterprises looking for a 3-5 page website.

We’ll not only create the WordPress website using Premium Licensed Themes but also provide,

  • Free Website Maintenance (for 30 days)
  • Free Domain Registration (for 1 year)
  • Free SSL Certification (for 1 year)
  • Full Website Audit and Technical Issue Fixing
  • Basic SEO setup followed by Google Algorithm
  • Google Analytics & Search Console Account Creation for Tracking
  • Website Pages Indexed on Google

It’s Not Just a Basic Website but One with All the Bells and Whistles…

  • We’ll create or redesign your logo, provide an industry-based SEO analysis, and even write content for all the pages.
  • We’ll set up a mobile-friendly website using a customised menu.
  • We’ll secure your website with spam and traffic protection and even manually monitor spam comments.
  • We use licensed stock images that are consistent with your brand. Or, if yours is an image-heavy website, we can resize and redesign them, making your website shine and sparkle.
  • We’ll host your website on Amazon Web Server the best cloud server in the market.
  • We’ll create your social media profile and optimise it with posts, images, and updates (for an added cost).

All of this in just 15 days.  

All our services come with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Call +91 8939 6909 23 to learn more about our complete stack of web development packages.

Why Should You Work with The Best Web Development Company in Chennai?

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